Obese Children Can Benefit From Having Desserts With Low Glycemic Index!

Girl With Ice CreamA team of researchers led by Dr. Antonia Dastamani at Athens University School of Medicine, Athens, have found through a recent study that girls who are overweight can lose weight if they consume low fat and sugar free desserts many times in a week and can still continue to stay healthy.

According to Dr. Dastamani, instead of splurging on a dessert once in a week, having desserts with low glycemic load (GL) and low glycemic index (GI) 3 or more times in a week has a positive effect on the bodies of people who are on diet.

The study involved 29 girls aged between 10 and 14 years and were divided into 2 groups. All of them had a BMI (body mass index) nearly or above 85th percentile making them overweight or obese.

15 of them were put on a diet that included 35% fats, 45% carbohydrates and 20% proteins and they were given desserts with low GL/GI 4 times in a week.

The remaining 14 girls were put on the same diet but were told to consume the dessert of their choice once in a week.

It was observed that after 3 months, both the groups’ BMI improved significantly. But the first group of girls who had lowGL/GI desserts lost more weight when compared to the other group of girls.

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