Now, Germany Denies Sprouts are the E.coli Source

First, the culprit behind the raging E.coli outbreak in Europe was thought to be Spanish cucumbers. Then, German health officials zeroed in on an organic farm in north Germany. It turns out both accusations are way off the mark.

Tests have revealed that the organic sprouts grown at the suspected farm are not the source behind the E.coli outbreak. Now, health officials are confessing they might not be ever able to identify the culprit source. American health officials have called this ham-handed investigation a “disaster”.

In investigating outbreaks, usually certain foods are suspected first, which may be ruled out later. German authorities have not totally cleared the sprouts. They still warn consumers against eating suspected lettuce, cucumbers and tomatoes.

Meanwhile, Germany defended its initial accusation against Spanish cucumbers. German health officials said they had to investigate every track. The EU has planned an emergency meeting to handle the crisis.

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