Make Way for Fusion Workouts!

Here is the latest fitness buzz! Most fitness freaks who love to experiment with different workouts would rarely think of combining polar opposite exercises like boxing and Pilates. But, this odd pairing actually made perfect sense to one fitness professional. Make way for fusion workouts. Read on to discover the fascinating and interesting workout session – the fusion exercise routine!

Certified Pilates teacher and former dancer Viveca Jensen envisioned the core-strengthening properties of Pilates would counterbalance and complement the cardio-heavy, quick pace of noncontact boxing. The form she introduced, known as Piloxing, is the best example of a fusion fitness class. This type of class amalgamates two disparate disciplines and introduces a fun element to create a challenging, comprehensive workout.

Fusion Fitness – A New Beginning!

The Sports Club at LA offers a fusion workout class known as “The Barre Code,” which incorporates core conditioning, Pilates and ballet moves in the exercise routine. According to Pat Soley, who is the group exercise director at the gym, these unique combination classes are slowly gaining popularity amongst exercisers. Some people think that they did not want to stretch for an hour, or did not want a complete Pilates class. This set of people yearns to gain the benefits of various disciplines, although they wish to compress it.

Jensen discovered the unique idea of Piloxing as she wanted to introduce a class that incorporated balance, alignment, core strength and cardio. She even added a hint of dance into the exercise mix. She says that, “even though these different disciplines might appear disconnected, but they actually workout together”. The exercise routine is divided into segments of high-intensity cardio with moderate dance and core work.

Fusion Fiesta – The Set of Exercises

The fusion classes has broadened its horizon and included increasingly popular training along with group cycling; classes that fuse calisthenics, yoga and Pilates; hybrids that include boot camp integrated with ballet barre; and routines that combine vinyasa yoga with high-intensity cardio.

There are several other types of fusion classes that blend an exercise routine with something unique and unrelated, like a class known as “Pound,” which involves Pilates with drumming.

Fusion Brainchild – The Creators!

Creators Kirsten Potenza and Cristina Peerenboom wanted to amalgamate the best forms of Pilates with another routine that added an element of fun and excitement. While students do core moves – either sitting or standing on mats – they beat the drums with light weighted drumsticks. This not only adds some fun and enjoyment to the workout, but moving the arms with the drum sticks also exerts force on the body to work more harder in order to maintain the stabilized core.

As time becomes more elusive for people, a one-hour fitness class which offers different elements like cardio, resistance and stretching holds more appeal. This format is a good way to try out a workout that can be scary for first-timers, like boxing or yoga.

Purist Perspective – The Backlash

But the purists think that combining various disciplines may not be the best idea if basic techniques and principles are not taken into consideration. A few fear that traditional and exquisite ballet positions could go wrong and tenets of yoga might be completely lost.

The fusion fitness classes are designed by professionals who devise and understand movements in a responsible manner. Enthusiasts must be able to reap the benefits even though this may not be a pure discipline.

The burning question is – how does a prospective student determine whether a fitness class achieves the right blend of technique, fun and fitness? Always opt for fitness instructors who are certified. So, if you are a fitness enthusiast and want to try something completely new, get ready for fitness fusion classes! Learn a new form and enjoy your workout session. Stay fit!

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