Link Between Bone Density & Wrinkles In Early Menopause Revealed!

Women in their early menopause stage watch out this space! According to a new study, the more the wrinkles on a woman’s skin during the beginning years of menopause, the lower is her bone density which means she is more prone to fractures.

According to Lubna Pal, the lead author of the study, a look at the appearance of the skin in post-menopausal women can estimate the well-being of the bones in the body. This is an economical way of finding out the women who are at risk of fracturing their bones.

The study involved 114 women. All of them were wither in their late 40s or early 50s and who have stopped menstruating before 3 years of this study. Moreover they were not undergoing hormone replacement therapy and none of them had undergone cosmetic procedures.

The results were measured as scores depending on the depth and number of places the wrinkles formed on forehead and cheek using durometer and the bone density was measured using DEXA (dual X-ray absorptiometry).

Women with more wrinkles (high score) had low bone density indicating a weak skeletal structure and vice-versa.

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