Try Hula Hoop to Shed Unwanted Flab

Hula-Hoop gyration which was popular in the 1950s is hot again among US women. Today, “Hooping” is performed to shed flab and maintain weight, reveals a recent study.

Hooping consumes the same amount of calories as walking at a speed of about 4.5 miles an hour. It is also becoming popular as a group exercise.

In the study conducted by researchers at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, 16 women aged between 16 to 59, who regularly practiced hooping in choreographed classes, were monitored. The researchers analyzed the women’s physical exertion rate, heart rate and oxygen consumption during their 30-minute workouts.

They found that during the half hour of hooping, the ladies’ average heart beat rate was 151 beats a minute and they expended an average of 210 calories. This energy expenditure is enough to help control body weight.

The findings will be presented soon at the annual meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine to be held in Denver.

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