E.coli Outbreak Reaches US Shores

The rampaging E.coli outbreak in Germany has reached US shores. Four people in the US have been hospitalized because of the bacterial infection. All four had recently visited Germany. Three of the victims are suffering kidney failure, which is a characteristic ailment of this outbreak.

Two US service personnel in Germany are also suspected to have become victims. The Food and Drug Administration says US consumers need not worry as produce is safe there. The US imports very little food produce from Europe.

Doctors and health officials are releasing scant details about the affected four victims in the US. In fact, it is not even sure whether they are US citizens or visitors. Health officials want to maintain patient confidentiality. They also wish to prevent overreaction among the public especially among recent visitors to Germany.

The bacterial outbreak is not considered threatening to the US populace, as it is not contagious. Still, the CDC has notified US doctors to remain vigilant to detect new cases.

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