Super-toxic E.coli Strain Blamed for European Outbreak

The ongoing bacterial outbreak in Europe, which health experts term the worst in history, is because of a brand new “super-toxic” E.coli strain, say scientists. Though lettuce, cucumbers and tomatoes are suspected, the source food of the outbreak has not yet been detected. About 500 victims are suffering from potentially deadly kidney complications.

German and Chinese scientists have analyzed the E.coli bacteria and confirm the outbreak is due to a new strain that is resistant to several antibiotics. In fact, the new strain appears to combine two kinds of E.coli. This makes it more toxic and virulent.

Russia has meanwhile banned import of vegetables from the entire EU to prevent the outbreak from reaching its borders. Some scientists opine that the E.coli could have been present in the manure used for growing vegetables.

WHO experts urge consumers to wash vegetables and fruits, cook food thoroughly, separate raw meat from other eatables, and wash their hands before cooking or eating

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