How to Get Portion Under Control

Muffins the size of flower pots, bagels as big as frisbees and the bowls of pasta so deep that your fork can barely reach to its bottom.

It is not a surprise that waistline of adults and kids are increasing over the last few decades. The major problem with these families is that they consume excess sugar, saturated fat and less nutrients. However, another part has as much to do with the quantity as quality. Our plates are just piled too high.
Portion control is the most important factor in weight loss plan. Sometimes, some people become addicted to large amounts of food to satisfy hunger. Lets discuss about various ways to get our portions in control.

Food Portions

Consume Quality not Quantity –
Fast foods should be avoided and fiber rich foods like cereals and vegetables should be consumed. The latter type of foods helps you feel fuller for a long time. Thus, fiber rich foods make you eat less throughout the day. Fast foods lack these nutrients and thus make you consume more calories for nutrients. Thus, it is advisable to replace soft drinks and fried chips with more healthier food options like whole grain biscuits, fruits,veggies and low fat cheese.
Use smaller dishes – Some people think bigger the plate, bigger the size of food. The same applies to glasses and bowls. Thus, keeping smaller dinnerware can help you eat fewer calories. Also, eating food with a small spoon help you savor food and eat slowly.
Do not clean your plate – Few people will clean their dishes no matter how much food you present before them. This is a big hurdle with weight loss program. You can save on lot of calories if skip on leftovers.
Drink water – Drinking water makes you feel hydrated, avoid overeating and reduces appetite. If you take green tea 30 minutes before meal, will help reduce your appetite. Fruit juices and sodas contain a lot of carbohydrates and calories.
Eat regularly – The best way to keep your metabolism high is by eating at regular intervals throughout the day. If you wait until you become hungry, you are more likely to indulge in the next meal. The best meal plan is to have 3 balanced meals with 2 snacks a day.

How to Get Portion Under Control

Focus on eating – Avoid doing other tasks when you’re eating. For instance, watching TV and doing work on computers make you eat more than required. Make your routine to sit with other family members, relax and savor your dinner.
Eat slowly – If you eat slowly, it will give your body the message that you are full, so put your forks between the bites. Savor each bite throughout the meal. Thus, mindful eating is the best way to keep portions under control.
Count calories – Measuring and weighing meals helps a lot in keeping portions under control. Read the labels on the food items carefully to estimate your calorie intake.
Avoid eating out – The portions size in a restaurant can be four times bigger than they should be. Thus, it is best to avoid eating out and also avoid going to a restaurant starving as it will make you eat more. If you still eat out, make sure you take plenty of vegetables and fiber rich food.
Share a meal – Try to share you meals with your dining partner and you can still go away full. This is also an ultimate way of socializing.

The above are a few effective solutions for getting our portions in control. Applying the above methods initially can be a little tough task, but the result speak for themselves and you will be happy.

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