Why Only 31st May?

May 8, June 19, August’s first Sunday – almost everyone of us knows the importance of these days. But, is it that only on 8th May that we love our mothers and the rest of the year we don’t; the same with our fathers on that particular date in June and our friends on a certain August’s Sunday? Definitely not, I suppose. We love all these people 24x7x365xn (where n is the number of years we sustain on this so called green planet of ours).

So, even if we are dedicating a particular day to celebrate their presence in our lives, that love for them is forever. So, if we can sustain a 31st May without a fag, why not the rest of the days?

31st May – World No Tobacco Day(WNTD): The World’s first No Tobacco Day was observed in the year 1987. The World Health Organization (WHO) created this day to create awareness among people about the negative side of tobacco smoking and the serious implications it had on health. But like every other man-made attempt on this planet, WNTD has its share of appreciators and criticizers.

Most countries and governments do implement the WNTD with a lot of enthusiasm on 31st May. For instance, smoking bans, laws related to curbing smoking etc. are implemented by many countries on this very day. On the contrary, countries like China and India (the largest populated countries in the world) merely notice the importance of this day.

Why Just 31st May?: Even many smokers try to abstain themselves from smoking on at least this day. But, why just that one day? We know, that it is easier said than done. Quitting smoking is a tough ask, but not an impossible one. There are people who have successfully got themselves out of this killing habit and let me assure you, it’s not without trying.

So, all those people who hate the person who gave you the first cigarette, just rethink. Was it because someone offered you that you decided to smoke or was it merely a choice you made? Simply saying “it is tough to quit, now that I’m used to it for so many years” is only an excuse. Just remember, you are the one who is being smoked out and not the fag!

High Time To Quit: 30 percent of the smokers die of cancer, 25 percent of heart diseases, an estimated 6 million smokers are known to die every year, at least 8 sites in the body can get affected by cancer caused by smoking, almost 250 chemicals out of the 7000 present in a cigarette are harmful and at least 69 out of the 250 are known to cause cancer.

Reasons enough for smokers to rethink their habit. Just abstaining oneself from smoking on one particular day would actually do neither the smoker nor the planet any good.

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