Protein Drink A Better Option After Exercise Rather Than A Carbohydrate Drink – Study Reveals!

Protein ShakeAccording to a new research conducted by a team of researchers from the Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado, the type of drink taken by a person soon after exercising has a significant role in maximizing the effects of exercise.

It was shown in the study that people who had protein drinks had an enhanced impact when compared to people who had carbohydrate drinks soon after exrecising. The results were recorded after practicing this regimen for 6 weeks.

The study involved 16 subjects aged 37 and above. They were told to exercise on treadmill for 45 minutes thrice a week for 6 weeks. The first group was provided with a protein drink and the second a carbohydrate drink after each exercise session.

After 6 weeks, muscle samples were taken from both the groups and the newly formed muscle were determined using mass spectrometry methods. New proteins were formed indicating positive changes in the structure of skeletal muscle.

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