Cellphones can Cause Brain Cancer, say WHO Experts

The ubiquitous cellphone is in the news again for all the wrong reasons. World Health Organization (WHO) experts say cellphones can actually cause brain cancer. The experts reviewed dozens of research studies that analyzed possible links between cellphones and cancer.

They concluded that cellphones are as carcinogenic as gasoline engine exhaust and DDT pesticide. The panel revealed that cellphone use increases the risk of glioma, a type of brain cancer.

Around the world about five billion mobile phones are estimated to be in use. The experts say children are more vulnerable as their scalps and skulls are thinner. This means radiation can more deeply affect their brains.

Cellphone lobbies say the evidence is limited and previously even coffee and pickled vegetables had been classified as “possibly carcinogenic”. Other health experts say this latest revelation is not conclusive.

Brain experts advise cellphone users to use the speaker or an ear piece while on the phone. Keep your phone away from the brain to reduce risk, they caution.

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