Blueberries Can Lower ‘Bad Cholesterol’ – An Animal Study Reports!

BluberriesA recent study conducted on laboratory hamsters revealed interesting findings regarding the effects of blueberries on cholesterol levels in the body.

According to Wallace H. Yokoyama, one of the investigators of this study, levels of VLDL (very low density lipoprotein), a type of ‘bad cholesterol’ were nearly 44% lower in the hamsters that were fed with blueberry peels, blueberry skin leftovers and fiber form blueberries – byproducts of blueberry juice.

In the study, these lab hamsters were divided into 2 groups. The first group was fed with ‘high-fat rations + blueberry byproducts.’ The second group was given food rich in fat content.

The research team then tried to establish a co-relation between the low levels of VLDL and the genes associated with the effects through a technique called RT-PCR. Since liver is the organ that is involved in the production and usage of cholesterol, emphasis on liver genes showed that some of them were involved in lowering the blood cholesterol levels.

Studies on humans are yet to be conducted to know if blueberries have a similar affect on the human body.

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