Women Can Now Know Their Menopausal Age And Plan Pregnancy Accordingly!

Working WomanWorking women who have been postponing getting pregnant and having kids due to their busy careers need not worry anymore. Now, you can know your fertility and menopausal ages.

According to a new study which was led by Prof Bart Fauser and Prof Frank Broekmans, the age at which a woman reaches her menopause can be determined by the levels of Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) in the blood.

The age between 40 and 60 is considered to be the normal menopausal age on women. But, a woman’s fertility usually ends 10 years before the menopause begins.

The current study had 257 healthy women who were monitored for 11 years. The levels of AMH were linked with the point age at which the women entered their menopause and a model was constructed to determine the menopausal age.

This way, the predicted menopausal age of a 30 year old woman whose AMH concentration is nearly 0.15 ng/ml is 48.8 years. The menopausal age of a 30 year old woman whose AMH concentration is close to 4.38 ng/ml is 55.3 years.

With this new method, women who have the chances of becoming infertile at a young age can be predicted. In such cases, they can have their eggs frozen for future use.

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