Blame Game over European E. coli Outbreak

A blame game has erupted over the ongoing bacterial outbreak in Europe which has affected hundreds and taken 14 lives thus far. Russia has banned imports of suspected contaminated vegetables from Germany and Spain.

Austrian health authorities are ensuring suspected Spanish vegetables are removed off shop shelves. In Italy, the paramilitary force is watching out for suspected imports from the Netherlands, Spain and other countries.

Germany is the most affected country. German health officials say Spanish cucumbers are the culprit. But, EU officials say since the transport chain is long, contamination could have occurred anywhere. Spain denies the E.coli outbreak is because of Spanish vegetables.

The World Health Organization says the outbreak is very severe and very large. Most of the affected patients in other countries have had recent links with Germany. But, German authorities say their country cannot be held responsible for the calamity.

Spain says there are no cases in their country. It has requested Germany to accelerate the probe to found out the actual cause of the outbreak. Most of the affected countries are monitoring the situation on a war basis to prevent further repercussions.

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