Vitamin Supplements Taken During Pregnancy Reduce The Risk Of Autism In Children!

Prenatal Vitamin TabletsAccording to a recent study, children whose mothers ensured to take vitamin supplements during the 3 months before and in the first month of the pregnancy are less likely to develop autism when compared to children whose mothers did not take prenatal vitamins on a daily basis.

This study is the first of its kind that highlights the importance of prenatal vitamin intake to avoid autism in children according to the lead author of this study, Rebecca J. Schmidt.

Moreover, these vitamin supplements could be effective in genetically susceptible (high risk of passing on the genes to the next generation) mothers and their children. These mothers were at a risk of 7 times or more of giving birth to an autistic child in the absence of prenatal vitamin intake.

If further research confirms this study discovery, would-be mothers can reduce the risk of autism in their children by taking prenatal vitamins which is an inexpensive option.

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