High Blood Pressure is Linked To Long-Term Estrogen Exposure – Study Reveals!

Birth Control Pills Containing EstrogenA team of researchers headed by Dr. P.S. Mohan Kumar, the lead author, from Michigan State University have discovered that women who consume estrogen in the form of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and oral contraceptives are at a higher risk of increasing their blood pressure.

According to this new study, long-term exposure of estrogen produces a compound named superoxide in large amounts which in turn causes stress in the body. This compound piles up in the area of the brain that is associated with the regulation of blood pressure. This may lead to increased blood pressure, a major factor in causing brain attacks/strokes and heart attacks.

Another interesting finding of this study was the role played by resveratrol. It was found that the increased levels of superoxide and blood pressure were reversed by resveratrol.

According to Dr. Mohan Kumar, this study has revealed some significant findings which could be of great help in menopausal women who opt for estrogen-only HRT to fight the menopausal effects.

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