E. coli-contaminated Vegetables Recalled in Europe

European health officials say contaminated Spanish vegetables have been recalled from outlets in the Czech Republic and Austria to prevent outbreaks. Deadly E. coli bacteria have taken a toll of 10 people so far and hundreds of Europeans have been laid low.

Czech authorities removed 120 organic cucumbers grown in Spain. In Austria, suspected cucumbers, eggplants and tomatoes were taken out from more than 30 stores. Austrian health authorities urged consumers to throw away vegetables suspected to be contaminated.

The cucumbers sold in Europe made their way through Germany, where E. coli contamination has wreaked havoc. Hundreds of Germans are down with intestinal infection in just Hamburg alone.

German health officials have advised their compatriots to avoid eating lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and related leaf salads. The bacteria have also infected 36 people in Sweden and 11 in Denmark. EU authorities urge recent visitors to Germany to be cautious and beware of symptoms like bloody diarrhea.

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