Diabetics At Higher Risk of Heart Disease Have A New Type of “Ultra-Bad” Cholesterol!

Metformin 500mg TabletsA new type of ‘bad and sticky’ cholesterol has been discovered which puts patients with type-2 diabetes at a higher risk of developing heart diseases.

This was revealed through a study conducted by a team of researchers led by Dr Naila Rabbani from the University of Warwick.

MGmin-low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol was found in elderly and type-2 diabetics and it appeared sticky than the normal LDL. Attachment of LDL to the walls of the arteries leads to the formation of ‘fatty plaques’ that in turn causes coronary heart disease.

The group members discovered MGmin-LDL by creating human form of it the laboratory and studying its interactions with other molecules in the body.

It was found that adding sugar molecules to the normal LDL gave rise to MGmin-LDL through a process known as glycation. Addition of sugar molecules changes the shape of the LDL, exposing new areas on the LDL surface. These areas are more likely to stick to the wall of the arteries.

Another significant aspect discovered through this study was the positive effect of the prescribed drug metformin in type-2 diabetics. This drug lowers the risk of heart disease by reducing the blood sugar levels. This way it might be blocking the normal LDL to transform into MGmin-LDL.

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