Research On Plant Stem Cells To Yield More Seeds And Fruits!

Growing Tip of the Shoot Microscopic ViewA group of researchers from Texas A&M University and Texas Agrilife Research have discovered a process through which the plants can be programmed to produce more seeds and fruits.

The 3-year research study revealed how plants can produce more number of seeds, leaves and fruits by the regulation of plant stem cells.

According to one of the scientists of the study, Dr. Xiuren Zhang, their extensive research on shoot meristem could pave the way not only for the production of fruits and seeds on a large scale but also can play a significant role in engineering the shape of a plant in the future.

Shoot meristem is comprised of undifferentiated mass of cells that are programmed by the plant to form the future plant organs such as stem, flower, leaf etc.

The group succeeded in isolating micro RNA that has a role in several crucial functions required for proper plant growth.

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