People Working Near Agricultural Farms At High Risk Of Developing Parkinson’s From Pesticide Exposure!

Offices Near FieldAn epidemiological study conducted by a group of researchers from UCLA in California’s Central Valley in the year 2009 found a link between 2 chemicals, paraquat (a herbicide) and maneb (a fungicide) and Parkinson’s disease. People who lived near the fields sprayed with these chemicals were at a 75% risk of developing the disease.

Recently a follow-up study was conducted in the same area and it was found that another chemical, ziram, a pesticide could also be playing a role in the disease development.

Moreover, the current study was aimed at people who worked in the surroundings of the fields such as clerks, teachers, fire workers etc.

Through this study it was found that the above mentioned 3 chemicals exposed to people in combination had a threefold greater impact rather than the exposure of any of the 3 chemicals alone.

People who live and work near the fields, who are more exposed to the chemicals are at an increased risk of falling victim to Parkinson’s.

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