Americans Don’t Want to Change Medicaid

About 60% of Americans don’t want any change whatsoever in Medicaid. This information was revealed in a recent survey by Kaiser Family Foundation. Last year’s healthcare reform legislation increased the number of people benefiting from Medicaid.

Only 13% wanted major Medicaid spending reductions to control the US deficit. Thirty percent were in favor of minor reductions. The Obama administration in planning to cut the deficit by about a trillion dollars.

Medicaid and Medicare, which provides health insurance to seniors, account for nearly 25% of all federal expenditure. The respondents in the survey said they were deeply attached to Medicaid, as about 50% knew somebody who had received assistance at some point. This year, Medicaid will cover around 69 million citizens.

The economic recession cut many jobs and the jobless people became dependent on Medicaid. States thus became financially stressed as they had to pay for Medicaid as well as unemployment compensation, even as their revenues reduced drastically.

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