Try Forza For Focus and Strength


You might have tried yoga, calisthenics and martial arts to build up fitness and health. But if you are still not satisfied, you can try Forza, the latest technique touted to build up focus, strength and health. Forza is Italian for strength. In a typical Forza class, you can get to learn what it takes to be a Samurai warrior besides toning your muscles, building your endurance and conditioning your mind.

Mind Workout is Important
Forza was created by Ilaria Montagnani, a fitness trainer based in New York. Ilaria says Forza teaches one to focus and concentrate. Forza does not require actual swords. You can substitute a wiffleball or broomstick to work out and lose fat.

What is Forza?
In a Forza class, you use a wooden sword called “bokken”. With this sword, you perform a series of slashing movements. Thus, Forza is a cardio and toning class which combines martial arts with sword fighting. Forza is ideal for those who wish to learn the intense focus obtained by practicing martial arts. As a bonus, you can get a body that resembles Bruce Lee. All you need to take to a Forza class is a warrior frame of mind. You can wear a simple t-shirt, shorts and sports shoes. Wooden swords will be provided in the class. Experienced students practice with heavier swords.

Benefits of Forza
The controlled and slashing movements with the sword can tone the core and upper body. It will also boost your heart rate. To reiterate, Forza helps to build your concentration. You can forget about everything else during the class and learn to be in the present moment.

Learning Forza
In a Forza class, you are taught the movements singly and then you should gradually piece together the single movements into combined routines. The important aspect is to not lose your concentration even for a second, as this would put you out of sync.

A Word of Caution
Forza can be a tiring and painful experience for beginners. After the first few classes, your wrists and hands will hurt because you clutch the wooden sword tightly. Your abs, upper back, shoulders and arms will be sore as well. You also need to be careful while merrily swinging your sword to ensure that you do not impale the student in front of you.

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