Rapid Enhancement Of Vitamin – D Levels After Losing 15% Of Body Weight In Obese Women – Study Reveals!

According to a new study conducted by a research team at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center headed by Caitlin Mason, the lead author, losing more than 15% of the body weight by obese and overweight women dramatically increases the circulation of vitamin – D in the blood.

Milk - Source of Vitamin - DObese Woman500mg Calcium Supplements With Vitamin D

Vitamin – D, a fat-soluble vitamin has several significant roles in maintaining the body health such as calcium absorption (required for bone health), cell growth, immune and neuromuscular function etc.

Through the study, which involved 439 obese and overweight women, it was found that in women who lost 5-10% (approximately 10-20 pounds) of their body weight, the levels of this vitamin in the blood did not show much improvement.

But in women who lost more than 15% of their body weight, the circulation levels of vitamin – D in the blood showed a threefold increase.

This could be because vitamin – D is stored in the fat deposits of the human body. So, when obese and overweight people lose weight, the trapped vitamin is released and enters the blood stream making its way to all body parts.

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