Medications Popular among Pregnant US women

A new survey reveals that a majority of pregnant women in the US regularly use OTC or prescription medication. This fact is concerning, because of the effect the drugs may have on the pregnant woman and her baby. The most common drugs used are antidepressants, allergy and asthma drugs, and various antibiotics.

The research reveals that in 2008, greater than 80% of pregnant women used at least one drug during their pregnancy. About 50% of pregnant women used a medication in their first trimester, the period of pregnancy during which the drug might pose the greatest risk of birth defect. Around 28% of pregnant women confessed to using at least four medications during the first trimester.

Thirty years ago, only 30% of pregnant women in the US admitted to using any medication. Researchers say not all drugs may be dangerous, but rue the fact that not enough information is available on their potential side effects.

Research is not conducted on the effect of drugs on pregnant women because it is unethical to expose them to testing. The research findings were published in the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology.

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