Gene Designed And Introduced Into Bone Marrow Stem Cells To Fight Against Chemotherapy!

Chemotherapy DrugsA team of researchers from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center has come up with a novel way of avoiding the toxic effects of using chemotherapy drugs, which can damage the cells of bone marrow.

As a part of this research study, stem cells from bone marrows of patients suffering from brain tumors were extracted. Using a retrovirus vector, a chemotherapy resistant gene was injected into these cells. This gene supposedly masks the cells from the damage caused by chemotherapy drugs.

The modified cells were then re-introduced into the patients’ bodies as a part of the clinical trial to determine the feasibility and safety of this technique.

After one year the cells were still present without showing any harmful effects.

According to Hans-Peter Kiem, one of the team members, the results so far have been encouraging as the first patient who received the modified cells is still in good health without any disease progression.

Since the clinical trials have shown positive results, this method of administering modified cells to protect the bone marrow could be a promising option for brain tumor patients.

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