Prostate Cancer Causing Stem Cells Suppressed By A Compound Found In Mushrooms – Study Reveals!

Turkey Tail MushroomsA compound named polysaccharopeptide (PSP) found in the “turkey tail” mushrooms, which are used in several parts of the Asia for their medicinal properties was found to be 100% effective in preventing the development and suppression of prostate tumors in mice.

The collaborative study was conducted on transgenic mice by Provital Pty Ltd and The University of Hong Kong. PSP was fed for 20 weeks to the mice that developed tumors in the prostate region.

According to Dr Patrick Ling, the lead author of the study, mice fed with PSP did not develop tumors and the ones that were not fed developed tumors. Moreover, PSP may be used as a potential preventative substance of prostate cancer, as it targets the prostate cancer causing stem cells.

This research also suggests that treating with PSP could completely inhibit the tumor formation in prostate region.

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