Baby Boomers Fuel Boom in Hip and Knee Surgeries

The baby boomers in the US want a more active lifestyle compared to their parents and grandparents. This has led to a boom in hip and knee surgeries.

In the last decade, knee replacement procedures have doubled. Among those aged between 45-to-64-years, knee surgeries have tripled. Hip procedures are becoming popular too.

The reason is not just obesity. The baby boomers want to stay fit and shed extra pounds. They believe their bad joints can be replaced just like worn out car tires. Knee and hip replacement surgeries have become a big industry. TV ads portray aging people doing athletic activities with replaced hips and knees.

But, there is a catch. These implants were tested on sedentary older folks. Nobody knows how they will fare on the active baby boomers. Surgery has inherent risks like anesthesia problems, blood clots and infection. Besides, when the replaced hips or knees wear out, future operations will be required.

Health experts say the best solution is prevention. So, stay active, cross train, lose weight, warm up before exercises and take adequate rest afterwards to prevent hip and knee replacement surgeries.

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