‘Botox Mom’ Story may be Fabricated

The ‘botox mom’ story which had sparked outrage all over the world may turn out be a hoax. The news story had alleged that a mother in California was giving botox injections to her 8-year-old daughter to prepare her for beauty pageants.

Now, the mother, whose name is Sheena Upton, says the whole story was just a fabrication. But, the reporter who originally reported this story says the mother is lying. This news item had hogged international attention and even national television programs in the US had reported their versions.

There are also reports that the child has been taken away from her mother by Child Protective Services. Sheena Upton says she had been coached and given instructions to fabricate the whole story. On TV, Upton had used the name “Kerry Campbell”.

The reporter, Alley Einstein, says her journalism career stretches over 20 years and she would jeopardize her reputation by faking this story. She is contemplating legal action against Sheena Upton.

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