Link Found Between Obesity and Psoriasis in Kids

Researchers reveal that obese and overweight kids are more prone to suffering from the skin condition of psoriasis. This fact was revealed in the online edition of the Journal of Pediatrics. Teens of any weight suffering from psoriasis also had high cholesterol levels, which expose them to heart disease.

The researchers studied the health records of more than 700,000 ethnically and racially diverse kids. They found that obese children had a 40% higher chance of psoriasis compared to kids with normal weight. This risk rose with increase in the kidsai??i?? obesity levels. Psoriasis was more likely to be widespread and severe in obese children.

It was also found that teens with psoriasis had higher liver enzymes and cholesterol levels, irrespective of their body weight. Psoriasis can lead to heart disease, metabolic syndrome and diabetes.

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