Gaining Excess Weight During Pregnancy Leads To Long Term Obesity – Study Reveals!

Obese WomanAccording to a new research conducted at the University of Bristol, putting on weight more than what is recommended during pregnancy may lead to obesity and other health problems in the mothers later in the life.

The study analyzed the health of 3877 women who gave birth 16 years ago and it was found that women who gained excess weight (more than recommended by doctors) were 3 times at the risk of becoming obese or becoming apple shaped (also called central adiposity).

It was found that women, who were in the normal range or underweight just before pregnancy, had an average weight gain of 12.9 and 12.7 kilos respectively during pregnancy. The weight gain in both these cases was within the recommended ranges of 11.5 to 16 kilos (for normal women) and 12.5 to 18 kilos (for underweight women).

On the contrary, obese and overweight women gained 10.1 and 11.9 kilos weight respectively, more than the recommended ranges of 5 to 9 kilos and 7 to 11.5 kilos respectively.

According to the lead author of the study, Dr Abigail Fraser, regular weight monitoring during pregnancy can prevent long-term health problems in women.

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