Smoking Raises Chances of Cancer in Women Already at Risk

A new research study reveals that long-term smoking raises the risk of colon, lung and invasive breast cancers in women, who are already at high risk of contracting breast cancer. The researchers analyzed the effects of physical activity, drinking and smoking in more than 13,000 women who had a higher risk of breast cancer due to age, family history and related factors.

Women who had regularly smoked for more than 35 years significantly increased their risk of contracting invasive breast cancer and colon cancer. The number of cigarettes smoked also was important. Smoking more than a pack of cigarettes each day greatly increased the likelihood of getting lung cancer.

Women who did not exercise faced a 70% increased risk of getting endometrial cancer. This proves that obesity is a risk factor in contracting endometrial cancer. This study will be presented next month at the American Society of Clinical Oncology’s annual meeting in Chicago.

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