Middle Aged People’s Long Term Risk for Stroke & Heart Disease Can Be Predicted Using A Simple Fitness Test!

Men JoggingA recent study revealed interesting results about the health of middle-aged people when they get older. Researchers observed through the study that the risk of a middle-aged man dying of a stroke or heart attack in his old age could be predicted by testing how fast the person can run a mile’s distance. In women, the test could serve as an early indicator of heart disease.

The study results published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, analyzed the cardiovascular disease risk of 45+, 55+ and 65+ old males. The analysis was based on some risk factors such as diabetes, age, smoking habits, blood pressure and age, and the level of their body fitness.

After the analysis, it was found that men whose level of fitness was low in their middle-age were at a greater risk of developing heart diseases.

A 55 year old who takes just about 8 minutes to run a mile has less than 10% risk of developing heart disease, whereas a 55 year old who runs a mile in 15 minutes is at a 30% risk of developing heart disease.

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