Woman’s Worst Enemy – The Primal Fear

There was a time when women were not given their due share of respect and were not looked on an even keel along with men. This was because of the male chauvinism that forced women to hold back for ages. Although times have changed, this male chauvinism still exists in our society but not to an extent that was there a few centuries or decades ago. For until then, men were women’s worst enemies in many fields.

Although gender equality prevails to a large extent across the world, think of what is exactly happening in the same gender itself. After centuries of struggle against male domination, now we have arrived at a point where the people belonging to the female sex are themselves discriminating against each other; in a way eliminating the need for sexist comments from men.

Woman’s Worst Enemy – Another Woman: As a mater of fact, many points and issues that men avoid or just don’t notice in women, other women easily do. Sometimes, a few things that look so trivial to men can easily gain a woman’s attention kicking off a slur of comments which at sometimes can be so unacceptable that even men wouldn’t want to say.

The point that I’m trying to make here is that if you yourself as a woman can’t stop ranting about another woman, how you can expect men to not do so? So, you should make sure that you are not a part of this racist slur as such.

Sexist Stereotypes: One of the most common sexist stereotypes – “women are not strong”. This may or may not be true, but it is a widely accepted stereotype. Well, this is a prime example of male chauvinism.

Now consider this. She is mean. This stereotype comment usually comes from a woman about another woman. The relationship itself is that of hatred rather than love or kindness. So, it is simple enough that women end such slurs among themselves in order to eliminate sexism totally.

Sexism is not domination of the other sex anymore but of the same. If we want to end male chauvinism, we better put a full stop on our own chauvinist nature first.

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