Count Your Hours of Sleep! One Poor Night’s Sleep May Lead to Weight Gain – Study Reveals!

Fat ManA team of researches, lead by Christian Benedict from Sweden’s Uppsala University, have conducted a study whose findings reveal that sleep deprivation for a single night is enough to decrease the energy that is usually expended (metabolism), resulting in weight gain in people.

The study involved 14 students (males) who were put through a series of sleep conditions, normal sleep, curtailed sleep and no sleep over a period of time. Blood sugar levels, amount of food intake, hormone levels and metabolic rate were measured during this period.

It was observed that one night of sleep deprivation lead to slowed-down metabolism the next day, decreasing the energy used to perform tasks such as digestion and breathing by 5% and 20%.

Moreover, their blood sugar levels increased the next morning. Also, high levels of stress hormone, cortisol and appetite-regulating hormone, ghrelin were found.

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