New Study Reveals the Prevalence of Multiple Partner Fertility

New Study Reveals the Prevalence of Multiple Partner Fertility

Here is the most strangest report! If you are a married or single mother with at least two or more children, then this study will really provoke you ai??i?? Do you really know who is you childai??i??s real father? Is it not astonishing! According to the first national survey of incidence of multiple partner fertility, the study revealed that 28% of all American women with at least 2 or more children actually have children by more than one man! This study was presented at the annual meeting of the Population Association of America in Washington, D.C., on April 1. Read on to know more.

Promiscuity on the Next Level!
More than one-quarter women from United States, who have at least two or more children, have children with more than one man. This new study found that 28% of all American women with 2 or more children had kids by different men. This rate of incidence was 59% among Afro-American women with 2 or more children when compared with 35% among Hispanic women. The rate was 22% among white women, as revealed by the study author, Cassandra Dorius. She is a demographer at the University of Michigan for Social Research.

About the StudyMultiple Partners Fertility
Dorius presented this national study at the annual meet of the Population Association of America. This study was unique as it observed and analyzed data from nearly 4,000 women. The women participants were interviewed more than twenty times over a span of 27 years. By the time of the final interview, the women participants had already completed their child-bearing years.

Dorius stated that bearing children by more than one man is a dynamic phenomenon which impacts all educational, income and racial sub-groups. This dynamic phenomenon is tied to marriage and divorce. Also, this is linked with single parenthood. She said that the final result of multiple partner fertility is crucial.

This is not an issue just among the unmarried and poor. In reality, this study has struck very close to home. Dorius said that after a year into the survey, she realized that even her mother was one among these women. Most of us think that women who have multiple partner fertility are poor single women with little money and education. On the contrary, most of the participants were working and married and well-educated. They all were living the American Dream.

The Revelations!
In a news release, Dorius said that ai???raising kids who have different fathers is an important factor in the intergenerational transmission of disadvantage.ai??? She said that juggling all the different demands and needs of fathers in at least two different households, two or more children, and 4 or more pairs of grandparents, contributes to a huge set of chronic stress factors. Families have to deal with these stress factors for many decades.Multiple Partner Fertility

The woman participants who had different fathers for their kids claimed that they had more children than they thought was ai???idealai??? when they were still young. She received support for the national survey from the national Institute of Child Health and Development and the National Science Foundation. Also, she received support from the William Form and Joan Huber Research Fund and the center for Research on Diverse Family Contexts.

It is not that anyone aspires to have a ai???domino dad family.ai??? Half of the kids born to poor single mothers are the result of a couple living ai??i??in together, as per the statistics from the Fragile Families and Child Well being Study. It is just 10% of the children who are planned with a man the woman does not know.

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