Indian Court Bans Endosulfan Pesticide for Two Months

The Supreme Court of India has banned the manufacture and sale of Endosulfan pesticide for two months, to enable a thorough study of its effects on people, wildlife and the environment. Endosulfan is known to cause nerve damage, and is already banned in about 80 countries including Australia and the US.

India holds a monopoly of the worldai??i??s Endosulfan supply, which is used to destroy pests on cotton, coffee, tea, vegetable, fruit and many other crops. The court ban was triggered by reports that Endosulfan has caused birth deformities and deaths in Kerala, a state in southern India.

The Indian Supreme Court says it will not allow a single person to suffer from Endosulfan. If research does not prove that the pesticide is harmful, the ban would be removed.

However, Indian farmers and pesticide manufacturers have opposed the ban. They say Endosulfan is readily available and cheap, and contend that multinational chemical firms are synchronizing the anti-endosulfan campaign for ulterior motives.

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