Cellphones Could Be Killing Honeybees

The honeybee population in the world in dwindling alarmingly. And, the reason for the decline could be equally alarming. It could be the ubiquitous cellphone, beloved by all. Swiss honeybee researcher Dr. Daniel Favre has extensively analyzed the impact of cellphones on honeybees.

During his research, Dr. Favre placed cellphones in various modes such as active, standby and off, under honeybee hives. When the cellphone was transmitting signals, the honeybees let off alerts and behaved wildly. They calmed down when the phone was deactivated. Dr. Favre says cellphones could be causing the bees to leave their hives.

But, this mobile phone theory does not account for the fact that many abandoned bee colonies are located far away from cellphone activity. Other theories doing the rounds include parasitic mites and pesticides. More research is definitely required on this intriguing issue.

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