Diabetics More Prone to Getting Cancer

A new survey study reveals that diabetics are more prone to suffering from cancer as well, compared to non-diabetics. In the survey of about 400,000 adults, 16% of diabetic men and 17% of diabetic women confessed to having cancer as well.

The survey findings were published in Diabetes Care journal. The CDC reveals that nine percent of adults in the US suffer from diabetes. The researchers opine that diabetic adults are 10% more likely to get cancer.

Diabetic men are more likely to get cancers of the prostate, kidney, urinary bladder, rectum, pancreas or colon. Diabetic women could get womb cancer, leukemia or breast cancer. Pancreatic cancer was the greatest risk for diabetic men.

A previous research in 2008 revealed that diabetics have a 40% higher risk of dying from cancer compared to non-diabetics. To prevent both cancer and diabetes, health experts advise to avoid smoking and maintain a healthy weight. The researchers say that diabetes patients should get regular screening for cancer.

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