Texas Schools to Photograph Students’ Lunch

Five elementary schools in San Antonio, Texas, have launched a $2 million project to photograph the lunch trays of students before they eat and afterwards. The photographs will be analyzed by a computer to calculate the calories consumed by the students.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has funded this project. Students will not be photographed, only their lunch trays. About 90% of parents have given permission to this project.

The data obtained from this study will be shared with parents to help them understand what their children eat at school. The researchers hope to gain information about the food preferences of the school children and the quantities they eat at lunch.

The elementary schools selected for this project are located in poor, minority localities where diabetes risk and obesity rates are higher. The researchers clarified that they were not banning the school kids from eating what they like. They just want to track their dietary habits to understand the root causes of childhood obesity, which has become a scourge in the US.

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