Glucose Added To Antibiotics To Effectively Treat Infections!

sugarA team of scientists from Boston University have successfully tested the effects of adding sugar to antibiotics. The infection causing bacteria were made vulnerable to antibiotic attack by the addition of glucose.

The study was published in the journal ai???Nature.ai??i??

Infection causing bacteria resist antibiotic attacks by moving into the state of hibernation. These bugs are known as ai???persisters.ai???

Through the study it was found that the sugar particles stimulated the bacteria to become active and vulnerable to drug attacks.

This strategy was tested on E.coli (Escherichia coli) bacteria, which is majorly responsible for urinary infections. Within 2 hours the researchers were able to eliminate 99.9% bacteria.

Plant sugars, fructose and glucose were found to make the recurrent and chronic infection causing bacteria vulnerable to antibiotic attack.

Moreover, the antibiotics given without sugar did not have any major affect on the bacteria.

The research team is planning to study the effects of the sugar additives in combating tuberculosis.

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