Alzheimer’s and Its Warning Signs

Alzheimer’s is a condition where one begins to lose memory progressively. The problem with Alzheimer’s is that it is neither curable nor the condition cannot be stopped from degenerating. So, what actually causes Alzheimer’s and what are the warning signs that would help one identify the developing condition?

Causes of Alzheimer’s: As a matter of fact, there are several causes associated with the development of this progressive memory loss syndrome.

  • The first and the most well known cause is aging. People who are between the ages 60-70 are known to suffer from amnesia or a short term memory loss problem. Although not all of them, but a few with amnesia can go on and develop Alzheimer’s.
  • Another well known cause is the medical history of the family. Especially, if one’s mother, father or brother has already suffered from the condition, then there is every chance for one to develop the problem.
  • A person who suffers from Down syndrome (a genetic disease) is also vulnerable to suffer from progressive memory loss.
  • People with high glucose levels and severe diabetes can also develop Alzheimer.
  • Smoking, high homocysteine levels (homocysteines are amino acids and high levels of these acids can damage the arteries) in the blood and cephalic lesions are also a few known causes.

The Warning Signs: If family members are to observe the below mentioned signs amongst one your aging members, immediate medical attention must be sought. For an early intervention can at least help the problem from getting worse.

Memory loss in day-to-day situations. It is normal for most of us to forget names, dates or appointments. But people who are losing their memory progressively, begin to forget events that have even occurred recently. They tend to ask for the same information over and over from time to time. Precisely, one might not even have the memory of particular experiences in their lives.

Language problems. The loss of memory can be so bad that a person would even tend to forget simple names and words while speaking. This can make it difficult for others to understand what they are trying to say.

They can be completely lost. People who suffer from Alzheimer’s are those who are at a risk of developing it are completely unaware of their surroundings and can feel totally lost. Not only the place, but they even tend to lose track of time.

Judgmental abilities are drastically decreased. Ability to take simple decisions and solve simple problems becomes very difficult. For instance, they might tender more than what is required to the grocer or forget dressing up properly etc.

Mood shifts. Mood shifts can also be very drastic. For no reason whatsoever, one would get furious, suspicious, agitated, depressed or anxious.

Apart from the above mentioned warning signs, one would misplace things very easily, withdraw from social activities, would not be able to judge distance or assess a problem etc. Once you see these signs, heed the warning and consult your family doctor immediately.

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