Keysi Fighting Method ai??i?? Art of Self-Defense!

Keysi Fighting Method
When we think of martial arts, one name is synonymous with it ai??i?? Bruce Lee. On the contrary, there are many forms of martial arts like Krav Maga, Jeet Kune Do, Aikido and Wing Chun, which are lesser known. Are you interested to learn a new martial arts form, Keysi fighting method, which will help you stay fit and agile? If you are nodding a yes, then read on. This fighting method is a type of self-defense which is based on natural instincts and street fighting methods. This form of martial arts was created by Justo Dieguez Serrano and Abdy Norman in the winding streets of Spain in the 1950s.

In this mode of fighting, a wide variety of attacks and defenses are practiced with or without using weapons. This is a form of martial arts which is based on the study of survival in gruesome street-fighting outcomes. Read on to discover more facts and techniques about this intriguing form of martial arts.Keysi Fighting Method

Mind Game – Defense for the ai???Thinking Manai???
The ai???Pensadorai??? defense, or the ai???Thinking Manai??? defense is signature move of this fighting method. In this form, the fighter initially implements a tight and strong defensive formation – his or her forearms act as a shield for the head. He or she defends against blowing punches with his or her elbows and begins to move into such a position where his or her arms are kept higher when compared with the attacker. This position allows the fighter to take control of the attackerai??i??s wrists to make an opening for blowing a series of punches. This includes a hammer punch downward to the back of the attackerai??i??s neck or an uppercut to the shoulder joint. This is a swift strike which allows an immediate and quick escape from your attacker.

Turn Around – The Swift ai???360 Degreeai??? Move
In this mode of fighting, the fighter must always consider more than just one attacker in all situations. You should never think that an attacker is all alone. This move begins in either a lying-down, sitting, kneeling or standing position. Thus, a fighter should be comfortable in all 4 positions. He or she should be able to execute a series of elbow attacks, knee strikes, kicks and punches in the 4 positions. One of the most common mistakes the fighters commit in street fighting when he or she is confronted by many attackers is focusing more on one person. The fighter must remember to evenly distribute his of her defensive efforts. Also, he or she must escape from the fight as efficiently and quickly as possible.

Never Back Down – Battle on the Ground<Keysi Fighting Method
It is a common occurrence in several street fights for a fighter to end up on the ground. In this technique, when the fighter is forced in a position where the predator is on his back and wrapping the fighter with his legs around the waist, the main objective of the fighter is to revert back to the standing position. In order to execute this step, a fighter uses a defense mechanism mimicking the ai???Thinking Manai??? technique. He or she makes swift and subtle elbow strikes to loosen the grip and nullify the attackerai??i??s ability to throw his own attack.

Hunting Ground ai??i?? Predator and Prey
This method is not just a mere technique of Keysi fighting method. This is a type of mindset. When a person is attacked initially, he becomes the prey. This method teaches a fighter how to quickly reverse the role and instead become the predator. The fighter uses a combination of fighting techniques. This form of martial arts strongly exudes the killer attitude that the ultimate choice lies with the fighter ai??i?? to either flee or fight irrespective of the immediate surroundings or number of attackers.

Venture into CinemaKeysi Fighting Method
This fighting method debuted in films like Mission Impossible 3, Batman Begins and the sequel The Dark Knight. Christian Bale, the leading star of Batman, tells of using Keysi as, ai???very practicalai??i?? the fighters mostly train in clubs and it is all about using what is available on hand.ai???

So, if you are trying to integrate discipline and motivation in your life and you are an ardent fan of martial arts (remember Shaloin Kung Fu), then Keysi Fighting Method is your ultimate call – real, effective and efficient as every move hits the point straight away with no waste of time.

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