Gay Men More Likely to be Cancer Survivors

A new research study reveals that gay men are twice more likely to be cancer survivors compared to other males. Previous studies revealed that gay men have a greater risk of contracting HIV, and lesbians are more likely to contract breast cancer, compared to heterosexual women.

Both lesbians and gay men use tobacco more, and lesbians are more prone to alcohol drinking and obesity compared to other women.

The latest study was published online in Cancer recently. It surveyed greater than 122,000 California residents about their sexual orientation and if they ever had cancer. About eight percent of gay men said they had had cancer, double the percentage of bisexual and heterosexual men.

Health experts say gay men are at a greater risk of contracting immune-system, testicular, lung and anal cancers. Lesbians are more likely to get breast cancer, possibly because they do not give birth.

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