Acetaminophen Linked to Blood Cancers

Latest research reveals that chronic acetaminophen users face a slightly higher risk of contracting blood cancers. Acetaminophen is a popular painkiller, which is sold as paracetamol in Europe and Tylenol in the US.

But, the risk is low say the researchers. The role of acetaminophen is also uncertain. In the research, scientists studied about 65,000 elderly women and men in Washington state. The respondents revealed their usage of painkillers and nobody suffered from cancer (with the exception of skin cancer).

Over a period six years, 577 people developed a blood cell cancer such as myelodysplastic symdrome (MDS) and lymphoma. Greater than nine percent of these cancer patients used lots of acetaminophen. Thus, chronic users of acetaminophen were twice more likely to develop blood cancers.

Other painkillers such as ibuprofen and aspirin were not linked to blood cancers. Health experts say acetaminophen works differently compared to other painkillers, accounting for its different effect on blood cancer.

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