Vitamin D Deficiency – A Cause of Mortality in Type 1 Diabetics

Mortality in patients with type 1 diabetes, may be caused due to severe deficiency in vitamin D, and it is not related to micro-vascular complications in the eye or kidney. This was found recently and was published online on Diabetes Care on April 27.

Christel Joergensen, an M.D. at the Steno Diabetes Center in Gentofte, Denmark, along with his colleagues, evaluated the role of vitamin D in the cause of mortality in type 1 diabetes. They also assessed the development of micro-vascular complications found in the eye and kidney in 220 patients who were newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. The team used high-performance liquid chromatography (a tandem mass spectrometry) for determining vitamin D levels in patients who developed micro-albuminuria.

It was found that the patients were severely deficient in vitamin D with a result below or equal to 15.5 mmol/L. During the 26-year follow-up period of the investigation, 44 patients died. This gave a conclusion that the ratio for mortality among individuals who have severe vitamin D deficiency was 2.7.

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