Measles Cases on the Rise in the US

Foreign travel is increasing the number of measles cases in the US to a decade-high record. So far this year, 89 measles cases have been reported. Normally, just 50 cases are reported annually in the US.

Almost all the measles cases are linked to travel to other nations. Europe is facing a big outbreak with greater than 6,500 cases in 33 countries. Health officials say this is because not all children are being vaccinated.

In the US, almost all the cases are because foreign travelers are bringing measles back from other nations. Health officials are urging foreign travelers to get vaccinated before flying abroad.

Though measles has not caused any death in the US so far this year, health officials say it can be a dangerous disease. It is highly infectious and almost 90% of those exposed to infected persons can fall sick. The measles virus can spread in the air and infected droplets can stay on for about two hours in a closed room.

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