Three New Breast Cancer Genes Discovered!

En_Breast_cancer_illustrationsA team of researchers from the Breakthrough Breast Cancer Research Centre at the Institute of Cancer Research, London, have discovered 3breast cancer genes which were not known before through a study in which the DNA of 104 patients was observed, studied and analyzed.

All women in the study had estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer, which gets its name from the hormone estrogen that fuels and feeds the tumor cells.

Although the role of estrogen in breast cancer was known to the scientific fraternity, the 3 genes that were previously unknown were found in the DNA near the hormone.

According to Dr Anita Dunbier, the lead author of the study, now that the genes are discovered, the next step is to study the way these genes work that in turn could lead to the development of new therapies in the near future.

New treatments that could work where the existing ones have failed need to be developed.

Drugs designed for some other disorder could be tested for their efficiency in treating breast cancer. New drugs to be developed may focus on the three new genes discovered, C6ORF211, C6ORF96 and C6ORF97.

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