Obese Teens in the U.S. Suffer From Lack of Vitamin D

A new research study reveals that obese adolescents commonly suffer from lack of vitamin D. In the study, researchers analyzed 68 obese kids and found that they had low levels of vitamin D.

The adolescents were then treated to increase their vitamin D levels. 28% of the kids managed to normalize their vitamin D levels. But, the remaining adolescents were not able to do so, which caused concern to the researchers.

This study was published by the Journal of Adolescent Health in its May issue. Vitamin D production in the body is caused by exposure to sunlight. This vitamin is also found in breakfast cereals, dairy products, fish and eggs.

The researchers say obese teens may not take part much in outdoor activities, which could explain their lack of vitamin D. They also opine that more research is required to investigate the link between vitamin D and obesity.

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