Young Women in the U.S. Disregard Dangers of Indoor Tanning

Research reveals indoor tanning greatly enhances the risk of melanoma skin cancer. Yet, young women in the U.S. continue to favor using tanning beds in salons.

In a survey, 32% of 3,800 young ladies said they regularly visit tanning salons. 25% admitted they do indoor tanning at least once every week. 81% said they tanned outdoors also, either occasionally or frequently. Indoor tanning was most popular among young women aged 18 to 22 years.

Health experts say UV radiation is known to be the leading cause of skin cancer. But, this does not stop young women from tanning indoors, or at beaches and pools.

There is an average of 42 indoor tanning salons in each of 116 U.S. cities. This makes them more popular than McDonaldai??i??s or Starbucks. Not surprisingly, melanoma incidence rates are increasing among young Caucasian women. If this trend continues, 20% of Americans may end up with skin cancer.

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