Writing A Song For A Girl

Girls seek constant attention. And especially, if the girl is the one you are seeing or dating or the one you plan to marry, then the attention they require from you should be paramount. No matter what you do for your girl, there is still a chance that she would end up asking if you really love her. If at all such a question should arise, the best way to answer it is with a song.

Writing a Song For A Girl: When I say a song, rather than dedicating a song that you like or she likes write a song that describes her and your relationship with her. I know this is not easy, but if you truely love your girl, you would be prepared to do this.

Any written work, needs an inspiration. For someone writing a song for a girl, the inspiration is the girl itself. Your first date, your first kiss, an argument after which you patched up etc., all these serve as an inspiration. Once you have all these listed out, listen to some popular love songs and see how you can phrase your words.

Praise the girl. The best way to impress a girl or tell her that you are interested in her is to praise her. No woman in this world would not want to be praised for her beauty as well as her intellect. Every girl is unique in her own way. Tell your girl what you like in her the most (could be her eyes, her dimples, her smile). Compliment her and see how her eyes would sparkle or how she would blush afterwards.

Feelings and feel should not be missed. Tell your feelings for her and let her know what life means without her and what it means to stay with her. Let her know how she influences you and how she inspires you. Knowing that she is your inspirer would actually mean a lot to her.

Do not lift. Writing a song is tough, it takes some time. But, you cannot cite that as an excuse and lift others’ works. You do not have to be brilliant with your song, but be original. Being original would let her know how truely you are in awe of her.

Once you have finished writing the song, it’s time to sing it to her. Choose the right setting, make sure there is no one else other than the two of you, use a guitar or a keyboard or a piano while singing, this adds to the effect. Sing it with utmost love and passion and see how well it works.

Good luck with your writing guys.

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  1. Girl said on May 5, 2011

    Wow, this is really sickening. Where did you get your facts?

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